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Remote Energetic House Clearings

Do you have a listing that is sitting on the market and won't sell?

Do you keep running into road bumps and issues with the sale of a listing? 


You’ve put time and effort into preparing the perfect listing, why not do the one thing that will ENSURE the ideal buyer for your seller?

If you need help to get a property's energy cleaned up, an energetic house clearing can be the difference in making a quick and profitable sale. Or, gift your clients with a clearing so they can move into their new home without walking into energetic baggage! 

Ready to book a clearing?

1. Schedule a clearing consultation.

The first step in setting up a remote house clearing is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Sarah so you can share key details about the property prior to the clearing. All consultations take place over the phone. Schedule your call here. 

2. Send Sarah a link to the listing or photos of the home. 

Following the call, we will send you a custom invoice based on the specific square footage of the home--see below for details on pricing. We'll also ask you to email a link of the listing so we have access to photos of the home to assist in the clearing.  Email:

3. Complete invoice payment to confirm clearing. 

Once your invoice is paid and the listing link is received, Sarah will confirm the clearing date with you via email. Most clearings can be accommodated within one week of invoice payment, however, if your request is time-sensitive, please give us as much notice as possible! 

Cost: $0.35 / sq ft

Listing link or photos may be emailed to:

Energy Readings

Get a competitive edge and stay several steps ahead of your clients. Discover the message your energy is sending and gain valuable insight into the energy behind your listings and clients.

  • If you are a broker representing a buyer, gain valuable insights into what your client wants and needs before you even meet with them, giving you the perfect edge to really serve them best. 

  • Go into a listing interview with insights no one else has and deliver the perfect presentation that no one else can. Know going into the interview that you might want to pass on this one—its all valuable information to have! 

  • Receive a comprehensive overview of your energetic system with insights into how you are perceived, what clients notice first about your energy, and how to break down mental thought patterns that could be keeping you stuck.
  • Understand your clients in a completely new way by getting to the root of why they might be hesitant or why you can't connect no matter what approach you try. 
  • Develop specific, actionable techniques and strategies for worknig with clients, colleagues, or others based on their energy and how they view you. 

What are energy readings and how can they help you? Head over here! 

Schedule a reading here. 

Distance Reiki Healings

 If you are depleted and stressed, clients will notice. Distance Reiki is a perfect way to take care of your needs while working in an incredibly busy and fast-paced environment. Get a quick energy healing in between showings--it can take as little as 30 minutes!

Curious to learn more about distance Reiki? Check out testimonials and more here. 

Schedule a Reiki session here. 

How could a property built in 1901 not have energetic baggage?

Having the energy cleared gave crystal clarity to the sellers and prepared this property for a hugely successful sale. Sometimes you know a property has negative energy. Sarah will clear the energy and set up an intention of welcoming buyers while advising you how to present the property in its best light.

One past transaction in particular was super challenging throughout. When I offered my buyer the option of a home warranty or an energy clearing as a gift, she opted for the energy clearing and really felt like she was starting fresh in her new home.

When my clients called almost a year after moving into their new home and reported weird things going on and a stretch of rotten luck, I bought them an energy clearing. The difference was immediate and dramatic for my clients! This allows me to really go above and beyond in service and truly earn my warrior status.

I couldn’t enjoy the kind of success I designed for my business without Sarah’s precise and unique support.
— Melody Paxton, Real Estate Professional, Realogics Sotheby's International Realty
Sarah Farris has done remote energy clearings on homes for me and distance Reiki on me personally. I highly recommend Sarah. The work she does is spot on, and so intuitive that I already I knew it at a deep level but couldn’t articulate it until we spoke.

The homes she cleared sold with no drama and the work she did for me personally helped me move on in my life with grace and ease.

She even helped me with some clients I felt I wasn’t clicking with to see that they had some concerns they hadn’t yet voiced and once I dealt with that, we moved on and found them a fantastic home to buy.

Sarah is the real deal. I’m planning to give a whole house energy clearing from now on as a closing gift.
— D. Lisa West, Broker for over twenty years, Windermere Real Estate

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