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Energy Readings

         Get a competitive edge and stay several steps ahead of your clients. Discover the message your energy is sending and gain valuable insight into the energy behind your listings and clients.

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Distance Reiki Healings

 If you are depleted and stressed, clients will notice. Distance Reiki is a perfect way to take care of your needs while working in an incredibly busy and fast-paced environment. Get a quick energy healing in between showings--it can take as little as 30 minutes!

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Remote Energetic House Clearings

         Do you have a listing that is sitting on the market and won't sell? If you need help to get a property's energy cleaned up, an energetic house clearing can be the difference in making a sale.

The first step in setting up a house clearing is to schedule a clearing consultation with Sarah so you can share key details about the property prior to the clearing. Schedule your call here.

Following the call, we will send you an invoice per the specific square footage of the home--see below for details on pricing. We'll also ask you to email a photo of the home or building if it is a unit as well as a rough floor plan prior to the clearing. Once your invoice is paid and the images are received, Sarah will perform the clearing (typically within one week). 

Cost: $0.20 / sq ft

Photo(s) and floor plan may be emailed to:

I do energetic clearings on all of my listings. Occasionally I do them in the house, but quite often I do them during a mediation from my home. Both seem to be equally effective. In the clearing I ensure that the energy of the house is clear, radiant and open to receive a new owner. I also work with the sellers of the home if need be to help them release their attachment to the home. It really makes a difference in how the marketing process goes.

I’ve had it where I either forgot, or didn’t do the clearing initially and the home sat on the market. I’ve had it happen twice where a home sat for about a month until I did the clearing. In both cases the homes sold within a week of doing the clearing.
— Nicole Mangina, Windermere Real Estate

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