by sarah farris

To Vibe Elevated:

To show up for your life with positive intention, to acknowledge that you—and no one else—are responsible for the energy you bring to the table and send out into the world. Raise your vibe, elevate your life. 


Hi, I'm Sarah, founder of Vibe elevated. 

i'm a Reiki Master Teacher, INTUITIVE ENERGY READER, and CERTIFIED HOLISTIC LIFE COACH based in Seattle, WA.

One of my biggest and brightest joys in this world is helping people reach massive clarity, engage with their innate power, and take ownership of their energy and the way they move through life.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been able to feel things about people, places, and situations that I thought everyone around me could also feel. I’d heard about intuitives, mystics, and psychics and although I was intrigued with that world, I couldn’t personally relate to that stereotypical ‘woo-woo’ persona. Never did I view my ability as a gift; since I’d had it as long as I could remember, I figured everyone else could feel what I felt.

As an adult, I started to notice that my ability was growing stronger, and as a result was getting in the way of my day-to-day life. After doing some research, I decided to sign up for a class targeted towards ‘sensitive’ people who were looking to develop their intuitive skills and become more aware of their energy. In this class, I realized that while everyone does possess an intuition, not everyone has the ability to see, feel, and sense what I can. A light bulb went off—I felt like I was onto something.

Once I worked my way through some foundational classes, it wasn’t long before I was knee-deep in the energy healing modalities and learned that I could actually use this ability I had to help others. I felt an inexplicable draw to Reiki, listened to my intuition, and completed my Reiki Master Teacher certification. I have not looked back since.

While Vibe Elevated began as my private Reiki practice, it has since evolved into energy readings (read more about energy readings HERE) and distance Reiki, both of which take place over the phone so that I can reach you wherever in the world you may be.  

I’ve studied extensively under Reiki Master and RN, Marie Manuchehri ( as well as psychic, NLP practitioner, and originator and co-developer of the CSI™ method, Michele Morgan ( In addition to holding a Reiki Master Teacher certification (attuned by Marie Manuchehri in Usui Reiki), I am also a Certified Holistic Life Coach.

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